Bespoke Line & Call packages to suit your residential requirements…

At Stratford Upon Avon Telecom we recognise that for most people the ability to have a trusted telephone provider who can provide telephone lines, single or multiple, and if required broadband and WIFI is still of the utmost importance.

Our ability to install on time, bill correctly, price competitively and to deliver the best possible customer service is hugely important to us and to our customers.

As part of our due diligence, we will strive to advise on the best possible connectivity for you in your location. This may be analogue, digital or even both.

Services available include:

  • Analogue Telephone Lines – traditional telephone line access
  • Broadband via DSL
  • Broadband via Fibre connectivity – for faster delivery of internet and content

We have built strong and long lasting relationships with the largest network providers in the UK. This puts Stratford Upon Avon Telecom in a great position to provide reliable residential products at very competitive prices.

Let us discuss your requirements over a telephone call or we can arrange an appointment for a site visit to discuss your specific communications needs. You won’t be disappointed.

Single Phone Lines

A single business phone line can be the backbone to every business, whether it is carrying voice calls, broadband, fax or even an alarm line.  Perfect for the small or home based business, where a reliable connection is important.


It’s not just big corporations that need high-quality, digital telephone services. SmallOfficeHomeOffice (SOHO) businesses can benefit from the advanced features that ISDN2e offers when connected to a PBX system, including DDI (Direct Dial In) and Caller Display.  ISDN2e’s are suitable for offices of 2-8 users.

LLU (Local Loop Unbunlding)

An excellent product comprising of both phone and broadband services.  It offers cost-efficient communications to the small office or home worker, available with a range of download allowances and speeds.

LLU stands for local loop unbundling and applies to ADSL internet connections. A ‘local loop’ is another term for the actual cable through which you receive your broadband and telephone calls.

The vast majority of local loops are owned by BT. The term unbundling refers to a process which allows other ISP’s – Internet Service Providers and Telephone Line Suppliers to provide a broadband connection using their own software on BT’s infrastructure. In most cases, it is just the broadband element of the connection which is unbundled, which is why you can receive broadband from one ISP while retaining a BT line for making telephone calls. Stratford upon Avon Telecom can take ownership of both the ADSL and also the Telephone Line to allow a more managed and cost-effective solution for both residential and businesses.

Good for Small Offices or Home Workers


Offering download speeds of up to 24Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1.3Mpbs, ADSL2+ is the ideal choice for those seeking a faster connection.

Good for Small to Medium businesses