Business plans for single users…

Get your business online and benefit from reduced cost calls and texts to other users on the same network with one of our single user plans.

Choose from a Pay-As-You-Use plan – where you only pay for calls made –  or Single User bundle plans.  Both benefit from the added availability to bolt on additional text or data bundles.

With supply from O2 and Vodafone we can find the right package for you.

Pay As You Use (PAYU)

Ideal for low or infrequent usage customers, the Pay As You Use (PAYU) tariff consists only of a low monthly access charge.  If you choose not to use your mobile that month, that’s all you’ll pay.  Should you use your phone, you’ll receive an additional charge, but only for the calls, texts and data you have used.  Our competitive call, text and data prices makes this a cost effective solution for any low or infrequent user.

Single User Bundle Plans

Stratford Upon Avon Telecom offer a wide range of Single User Bundle Plans on a choice of UK networks.  We listen to you and analyse your current usage patterns and match you to the correct plan.

Our plans start from as small as 300 minutes a month, up to unlimited minutes per month, with a range of text and data bolt-ons.