M2M – Machine to Machine 4G Back Up Solution

Stratford upon Avon Telecom are able to offer businesses an M2M back Up solution.Pricing Structures and solution recommendations are available upon request.

Features include:

  • Robust 4G Back-up Solution
  • Tailored Airtime offering to enable predictable costs
  • IoT Connectivity via Private Infrastructure
  • Enables reliable and secure two-way communications
  • Scale-able and Fast Deployment
  • Secure and resilient two-way connectivity
  • Static IP – all Networks and all locations
  • Peer to Peer (P2P) two-way connectivity
  • Secure Radius authentication
  • Integration to many back-end systems

Who would benefit?

Organisations who would benefit from this technology include:

  • Security: CCTV Burglar Alarms
  • Fleet Tracking: Fleet Management, Stolen Vehicle Tracking, Route Tracking, Status Monitoring, Telemetry
  • Remote Worker Field Force Automation, Lone Worker Applications
  • Agriculture Event Monitoring, Remote Sensor Monitoring
  • Retailing Display Boards, Footfall, WIFI Hotspots, EPOS
  • Transport Road Signage, Traffic Monitoring, In-Vehicle Information/Entertainment
  • Healthcare Telecare, Telehealth, Assisted Living, Patient Record Outcomes, Remote Healthcare Monitoring
  • WAN Access 3G/4G MPLS Back-Up, ADSL Replacement
  • CPE Management Remote Router Access, Remote Server Access, Remote Firewall Access, Microwave Radio IDU

We look forward to hearing from you and to discussing your requirements.